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August Family Give away!

The winners of our instagram free family photos session! How adorable is this family. This session is in memory of their daughter Payton who battled Spinal Muscular Atrophy. August is SMA awareness month. If you have a moment please educate your self, spread awareness and donate. This families love and strength is so heartfelt and touching.  IMG_1074_HR_HR IMG_1086_HR_HR IMG_1107_HR_HR IMG_1115_HR_HR IMG_1119_HR_HR IMG_1128_HR_HR IMG_1159_HR_HR IMG_1173_HR_HR IMG_1181_HR_HR IMG_1187_HR_HR IMG_1191_HR_HR IMG_1198_HR_HR IMG_1207_HR_HR IMG_1210_HR_HR IMG_1217_HR_HR IMG_1218_HR_HR IMG_1234_HR_HR IMG_1244_HR_HR


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Jenny and Mark

Jenny and Mark got hitched in the lovely Camden, Maine. They were surrounded by loved ones in a small intimate ceremony and reception. Their wedding reflected the love they share between each other and their amazing service dog. ( I was slightly obsessed with her) their reception was incredible personal, the arrows and scallop shells were chosen because of their engagement story. ” We embarked on an ancient pilgrimage across Northern Spain, known as the Camino De Santiago. Once a religious quest for healing and miracles, the Camino now attracts those seeking adventure, ancient Spanish culture, and spirituality. Through a rough winter of Mark’s final semester in graduate school while working in high school special education, and Jenny’s spinal surgery and busy practice, we decided we were long overdue for a dose of adventure with a touch of miracle thrown in.

We arrived in Barcelona exhausted, excited, and, um, nervous? Well… Jenny was excited, while Mark took care of the nervous part. He just wasn’t himself for the first two days which made Jenny wonder where her normally laid back boyfriend had disappeared to. We took the train to Leon, the city in Northern Spain where we would begin our Camino or “walk.”

All seemed normal as we hiked an easy 10 miles to a shady lunch spot where we enjoyed sandwiches from a local café bought that morning. Although normally sweet and sentimental, Mark seemed to be especially romantic as he started rambling very quickly. Sounding very much like his father, Otto, he began with, “Now we’re just talkin’ here.” He went on to say, “I was thinking–and everyone I’ve talked to agrees– (yes, he really said this), it seems fitting that the first day of our Spain Camino should also be the first day of the Camino that lasts the rest of our lives.” At this point Jenny responded in typical, blunt, East-Coast fashion, with, “Oh my God, what’s happening right now?” To which Mark responded by dropping down on one knee and asking Jenny to marry him.

We went on to enjoy eight more days of hiking before meeting up with some of our favorite people to share in our celebration, the Pennsylvania Fourniers. Dani, Jenny’s cousin and Maid of Honor, gladly started wedding planning while on the Camino. Jenny’s Uncle Mike, Aunt Monica, and cousins Scott and Danielle completed their journey in Santiago de Compestela alongside us, which marked the beginning of a new phase for our families together. We are thrilled to be inviting all of you to join in our lifelong Camino journey celebration next July.

To learn more about the Camino, and to share in the wedding theme, we highly recommend the movie, “The Way,” starring Martin Sheen. You will see signs of the Camino, traditionally marked with blue scallop shells and yellow arrows, throughout the wedding weekend and ceremony. Buen Camino!”

IMG_8144_HR_HR IMG_8141_HR_HR IMG_8138_HR_HR IMG_8163_HR_HR IMG_8160_HR_HR IMG_8159_HR_HR IMG_8155_HR_HR IMG_8150_HR_HRIMG_8288_HR_HRIMG_8230_HR_HR IMG_8224_HR_HR IMG_8223_HR_HR IMG_8211_HR_HR IMG_8208_HR_HR IMG_8205_HR_HR IMG_8201_HR_HR IMG_8200_HR_HR IMG_8195_HR_HR IMG_8185_HR_HR IMG_8180_HR_HRIMG_8243_HR_HR IMG_8249_HR_HR IMG_8276_HR_HR IMG_8274_HR_HR IMG_8273_HR_HR IMG_8271_HR_HR IMG_8268_HR_HR IMG_8265_HR_HR IMG_8258_HR_HRIMG_8303_HR_HR IMG_8299_HR_HR IMG_8295_HR_HR IMG_8290_HR_HR IMG_8287_HR_HR IMG_8280_HR_HR IMG_8277_HR_HRIMG_8175_HR_HR IMG_8174_HR_HR IMG_8172_HR_HR IMG_8171_HR_HR IMG_8169_HR_HR IMG_8168_HR_HR IMG_8166_HR_HR

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Katie and Roberts Back Yard Wedding in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

The second you meet Katie and Robert their huge smiles and open arms make you feel welcomed. They share such an amazing bond, which was seen through out their special day. When asked how they met Katie told me, “We met at the School of Theology and Ministry, where we studied for our Master’s degrees. I graduated in 2013 and Robert this past May. We first had a conversation over the trash/recycling/compost bins, since I started our compost program.” Right from that answer I knew these people we going to do something special and change the world for the better. They decided to have their wedding in the back yard where Robert grew up in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. They got married with a full mass performed by one of their dear friends who just recently became a priest at St. Barts in Cape. It was one of the best services I have ever been to. It was almost like a best man speech the whole time! Lots of tears and laughter. Here are just a few of my favorite images of their special day. Thank you for letting me share your special day with you!


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Sam embraced Grace!

I was so excited and thrilled when my dear friend Grace asked me to photograph her wedding day to her beloved Sam. Grace is the youngest of the Montgomery family, who holds a very special place in my heart. While same is the son of Grace’s mothers best friend Kathy who is also an amazing woman! It is so wonderful to see such natural love between two wonderful souls. I’m so excited to see these family join as one! I mean how adorable are these two! Nothing like a backyard engagement shoot to kick off their September wedding! IMG_8969_HR IMG_8974_HR IMG_8981_HR IMG_8984_HR IMG_9001_HR IMG_9006_HR IMG_9027_HR IMG_9031_HR IMG_9035_HR IMG_9042_HR_HR
IMG_9047_HR IMG_9056_HR IMG_9063_HR IMG_9067_HR IMG_9081_HR IMG_9097_HR IMG_9115_HR IMG_9117_HR IMG_9121_HR IMG_9143_HR

Featured Image -- 2569

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8 Apps You Need To Plan Your Wedding

The Maine Tinker Studio:

Hey brides check out these cool apps to help you plan your big day!

Originally posted on The Knot Blog:

Let’s face it, some of the best wedding planning is done while standing in line, during your lunch break and when you’re out and about running errands. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a way to be productive on-the-go. Here, our favorite must-have apps for planning your wedding.

1. For Getting Organized…The Knot Wedding Planner App


Not to brag or anything (ok, maybe just a little bit), but this app is going to be your life saver while you’re planning. Keep track of to-dos with your checklist, browse and save your favorite real wedding photos to show to your florist or cake baker, and find your venue and all the rest of your wedding pros right there in the app.

Download for iOS: Wedding Planner App by The Knot

2. For Last Minute To-Dos…TaskRabbit


It connects with (background-checked) locals to help you with basically any task you might need — anything…

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Freeport Family!

I’m so fortunate to get to have the opportunity to meet this family yearly for their family photos! I get to see these sweet girls grow, and catch up with their loving parents and grandparents. It inspires me to do a photo shoot with my family with my parents and brother. I will one day! I will! Bonus points, we got to capture some images of Freeport’s current epidemic of wild amounts of jelly fish. IMG_9063_HR

IMG_3915_HR IMG_9061_HR



IMG_3885_HR IMG_3926_HR IMG_3852_HR



IMG_9044_HR IMG_9045_HR IMG_9050_HR




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Braden and Marin’s engagement session.

In college, 11 years ago,  I met 3 wild crazy guys. 2 were from Dover-Foxcroft, ME and one who pretends he is from there but is really from Ithaca NY. We were instant buds. They taught me to open up, and I have always been their “Shamom” watching out for them and hoping that things turn out perfect for them. I have had the opportunity to marry 2 of them to amazing woman who have turned into dear friends. Now I finally get the chance (2 year engagement) to have fun and capture images of Beege marrying the lovely Marin. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be apart of their day. Almost as thrilled as when Beege’s mom made me goldfish chicken one trip up north! Marin is a lovely lady who loves Beege. Their laughter is contagious and their love for each other is heartwarming. Congrats you guys! Hope you love these images as much as I do! Now bring on August! IMG_3563_HR_HR IMG_3567_HR_HR IMG_3568_HR_HR IMG_3514_HR_HR IMG_3579_HR_HR IMG_3415_HR_HR IMG_3545_HR_HR IMG_3472_HR_HR IMG_3454_HR_HR IMG_3457_HR_HR IMG_3522_HR_HR IMG_3400_HR_HR IMG_3452_HR_HR IMG_3374_HR_HR IMG_3524_HR_HR IMG_3635_HR_HR IMG_3377_HR_HR IMG_3435_HR_HR IMG_3441_HR_HR IMG_3480_HR_HR IMG_3398_HR_HR IMG_3573_HR_HR IMG_3500_HR_HR


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