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8 Apps You Need To Plan Your Wedding

The Maine Tinker Studio:

Hey brides check out these cool apps to help you plan your big day!

Originally posted on The Knot Blog:

Let’s face it, some of the best wedding planning is done while standing in line, during your lunch break and when you’re out and about running errands. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a way to be productive on-the-go. Here, our favorite must-have apps for planning your wedding.

1. For Getting Organized…The Knot Wedding Planner App


Not to brag or anything (ok, maybe just a little bit), but this app is going to be your life saver while you’re planning. Keep track of to-dos with your checklist, browse and save your favorite real wedding photos to show to your florist or cake baker, and find your venue and all the rest of your wedding pros right there in the app.

Download for iOS: Wedding Planner App by The Knot

2. For Last Minute To-Dos…TaskRabbit


It connects with (background-checked) locals to help you with basically any task you might need — anything…

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Freeport Family!

I’m so fortunate to get to have the opportunity to meet this family yearly for their family photos! I get to see these sweet girls grow, and catch up with their loving parents and grandparents. It inspires me to do a photo shoot with my family with my parents and brother. I will one day! I will! Bonus points, we got to capture some images of Freeport’s current epidemic of wild amounts of jelly fish. IMG_9063_HR

IMG_3915_HR IMG_9061_HR



IMG_3885_HR IMG_3926_HR IMG_3852_HR



IMG_9044_HR IMG_9045_HR IMG_9050_HR




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Braden and Marin’s engagement session.

In college, 11 years ago,  I met 3 wild crazy guys. 2 were from Dover-Foxcroft, ME and one who pretends he is from there but is really from Ithaca NY. We were instant buds. They taught me to open up, and I have always been their “Shamom” watching out for them and hoping that things turn out perfect for them. I have had the opportunity to marry 2 of them to amazing woman who have turned into dear friends. Now I finally get the chance (2 year engagement) to have fun and capture images of Beege marrying the lovely Marin. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be apart of their day. Almost as thrilled as when Beege’s mom made me goldfish chicken one trip up north! Marin is a lovely lady who loves Beege. Their laughter is contagious and their love for each other is heartwarming. Congrats you guys! Hope you love these images as much as I do! Now bring on August! IMG_3563_HR_HR IMG_3567_HR_HR IMG_3568_HR_HR IMG_3514_HR_HR IMG_3579_HR_HR IMG_3415_HR_HR IMG_3545_HR_HR IMG_3472_HR_HR IMG_3454_HR_HR IMG_3457_HR_HR IMG_3522_HR_HR IMG_3400_HR_HR IMG_3452_HR_HR IMG_3374_HR_HR IMG_3524_HR_HR IMG_3635_HR_HR IMG_3377_HR_HR IMG_3435_HR_HR IMG_3441_HR_HR IMG_3480_HR_HR IMG_3398_HR_HR IMG_3573_HR_HR IMG_3500_HR_HR

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Small town love.

I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire. Growing up in a small town you are always fortunate enough to get some big love. Stacey is one of my oldest and dearest friends. We have been through so much from awkward middle school years, directors of dance videos (with killer commercials), Backstreet Boys concerts, Country concerts, weddings and becoming mothers together. Stacey and Mike met a party at my house in high school. I remember asking her, “What would you do if Mike kissed you?” She was like what the heck are you talking about! I had no clue what I was talking about, it was just a thought in my head. Ever since that day they have been together. It has been so amazing seeing them grow individually, as a couple and NOW AS A FAMILY of FOUR! Owen is going to be the best big brother in the world. How could he not be with a smile like his grandma Ginger spice. So much love and a heartfelt congrats you guys! I can’t wait till August to meet your new lil man! (ps. Mike built this amazing house)
IMG_7423_HR_HR IMG_7440_HR_HR IMG_7443_HR_HR IMG_1028_HR_HR IMG_7403_HR_HR IMG_0941_HR_HR IMG_1048_HR_HR IMG_0952_HR_HR IMG_7386_HR_HR IMG_7410_HR_HR IMG_1016_HR_HR IMG_7397_HR_HR IMG_7416_HR_HR IMG_0938_HR_HR IMG_1039_HR_HR IMG_1003_HR_HR IMG_0963_HR_HR

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Mr. & Mrs. Sherburne

If you could think of the sweetest couple SO in love times it by two, and you would get Nicole and Derek. The weather was perfect and the ceremony was so personal and the perfect lighting and enough room to move around (a photographers dream) The ceremony was held at Butterfly Park in Keene, New Hampshire. The reception was held at Keene Country Club where it was decorated in nautical theme with pops of granny smith green. Guests received adorable handmade jars of jam, where they jammed out dancing the night away. Congrats to the newly weds and thank you for letting me be apart of your special day.
IMG_0195-2_HR_HR IMG_0232-2_HR_HRflowerflower2IMG_6950_HR_HR






Dudes in Denim

I have been super busy since school has gotten out. Most people think I’m on “summer vacation” but little do they know I have worked every evening and weekend since school has been out. I have been so fortunate to be apart of so many wonderful moments the past two weeks. My dearest friend Jody from Cold Maine Winter  asked me to watch her son Jackson. I was thrilled, it forced me to slow down and hang out with these two lil boys. I have to be better at taking time to photography my growing son, along with his best bud Jackson. IMG_1139_HR IMG_1127_HR IMG_1107_HR IMG_1135_HR IMG_1100_HR IMG_1126_HR

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I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Mary!

Mary and Charlie have Maine roots from attending Colby College where they met. Though they do not live here they always feel that Maine holds a special place in their heart. They decided to get married out on Peak Island . The reception was held at The Harbor View at Jones Landing with an amazing traditional irish band, Boghat. Friends and family gathered from all over the east coast to share their special day with them. The love, laughter and dancing was unreal. Thank you so much for a memorable day Mary and Charlie, it was a blast!


IMG_5436-2 IMG_5435-2 IMG_5431-2



IMG_5543-2 IMG_5520-2 IMG_5507-2 IMG_5493-2IMG_0034-2IMG_0024-2IMG_0021-2IMG_0045-2IMG_0100-2321yesIMG_0382IMG_0379IMG_0374IMG_5667IMG_5680IMG_5679IMG_5675IMG_5672IMG_5666IMG_5740IMG_5721IMG_5716IMG_5715IMG_5709IMG_5818IMG_5813IMG_5790IMG_5779IMG_5778IMG_5771IMG_5752IMG_5748IMG_0493IMG_0489IMG_0471IMG_0459IMG_0440IMG_5466-2IMG_5465-2IMG_6364IMG_0617IMG_0610IMG_0604IMG_0593IMG_0578IMG_0536IMG_0626IMG_0624IMG_5854IMG_6418IMG_6408IMG_6384IMG_6364IMG_6356IMG_6272IMG_6264IMG_6254IMG_6250IMG_6243IMG_6242IMG_6228IMG_6204IMG_6180IMG_6176IMG_6104IMG_6086IMG_6032IMG_5988IMG_5957IMG_5932IMG_5915IMG_6441


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