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Shannon and Nick

I have been so lucky this month to be able to be apart of 2 old friends weddings. I also grew up with Shannon, she was a grade old than me. Shannon and her family is one of the sweetest and kind souled people you will meet in New England. They are soft spoken but also goofy, which I think is a perfect balance. It was such a delight to see Shannon on her wedding day. She was simply stunning, and I finally got to meet Nick. (They now live in CT) He is equally as kind, they seem like the perfect match.

Shannon and Nicks wedding was very elegant at the Log Cabin in Holyoke, MA. Man, that place knows how to do weddings! They were so kind to vendors and very professional. There were 2 other weddings going on and you would of never known. Shannon thought of so many details focusing on a minty accent and cream colors. Ambient lighting trickled through out dinner, which was the perfect setting for the speeches. Nicks brothers speech was amazing. Nicks Italian family knowns how to party, which made the Fall Mountain gang up their game. It was a “wicked” fun night. Shannon also wins for the best guest book I’ve ever seen, I could of colored it in all night! 

Thank you so much Nick and Shannon for asking me to be apart of your day! Hope you enjoy your images.

IMG_0592_HRIMG_5739_HRIMG_5784_HRIMG_5774_HRIMG_5755_HRIMG_5799_HRIMG_5834_HRIMG_5842_HRIMG_5855_HRIMG_5872_HRIMG_5877_HR IMG_5886_HR IMG_5885_HR IMG_5884_HRIMG_6008_HRIMG_6122_HR IMG_6069_HR IMG_6056_HR IMG_6041_HR IMG_6031_HRIMG_5935_HR IMG_5901_HR IMG_5900_HRIMG_6147_HR IMG_6145_HRIMG_5954_HR

IMG_5964_HRIMG_6192_HR IMG_6327_HR IMG_6318_HR IMG_6315_HR IMG_6312_HR IMG_6300_HR IMG_6295_HR IMG_6284_HR IMG_6273_HR

IMG_0673_HR IMG_6255_HR IMG_6250_HR IMG_6245_HR IMG_6242_HR IMG_6238_HRIMG_6338_HR IMG_6628_HR IMG_6611_HR IMG_6594_HR IMG_6537_HR IMG_6530_HR IMG_6424_HR IMG_6411_HRIMG_5828_HR IMG_5824_HR IMG_5809_HRIMG_1049_HR IMG_1039_HR IMG_1010_HR IMG_0950_HR IMG_0919_HR IMG_0872_HR IMG_0842_HR IMG_0836_HR


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Time to celebrate Kate and Nate

I don’t know where to begin this post… But Kate is one of my old and dearest friends. I remember meeting Kate at my best friends sleep over when I was in 8th grade. I was the only middle school student going to have a sleepover with a bunch of high school students from a different town (we went to a regional high school). I thought it was going to be a horrifying experience, but Stacey told me I would have a blast. Little did I know I would meet some of my closet friends that night over 16 years ago. She was my choir,  theater and lunch buddy in high school! She’s one of those friends who will out of no where send you a hand made valentine all in pink.  Kate has a fireball personality that attracts everyone around her. Her smile and laugh are loud, her fashion sense is amazing, yet sometimes not practical (i.e. high heels every day rain, snow or shine), her awkward way of holding a pencil, and most of all her kind heart and caring words will always make you feel better about yourself. Kate is a gift to everyone she meets.

1909981_503313633431_2086_nMembers of the SATC club Left to Right Trish, Care, Me and Kate.

4225_522282205261_2686859_n 166947_664959673671_1491907664_n 200380_503313748201_8612_n 10391591_651489901909_4442778_n

photo 1 photo 2 photo 4

As we graduated high school and moved on into our college years, we stayed in touch. Myself, Care, Kate and Trish created a secret society of SATC. This wasn’t a society to get guys it was more of a cocktail and dance troop. We loved spending time together, often roaming the streets of Portland and North Conway.

Then roughly 7 years ago I met my husband and Kate met Nate. Kate was beaming about this mysterious guy. She would talk about how romantic he was, his eyes, his smile, how handsome he is, and also mentioned he was sorta a hick :) When I finally got to meet Nate, I was thrilled to see their spark, and knew in time they would start a life together.
Nate did take his time hehehe, they bought a house moved into it together and then one day roughly a year ago, I got a text saying she got engaged! WAHOOOO!

And  now here is their wedding day!

Both Kate and Nate were stunning! Kate chose a blush wedding dress! I was so excited to take pics of it. They got married at Nate’s uncles amazing home in NH and the reception was held at the Fryeburg Fairgrounds. As always Kate’s wedding had pink everywhere, and was filled with poetry, vocabulary and love. Her vows were out of this world, and while they were so amazing Nate took the show with a simple statement of his love for Kate, and not a dry eye was left in the ceremony.


Here are Kate’s Vows to Nate:

“I had to write these vows, make these up myself, not just because I’m a control freak, but because our love is not the love written in books. It is not better or worse; it is unique.

I need you to know why I love this man.

I have a distinct memory early in our relationship of you asking me, “Why do you like me?” You weren’t fishing for compliments, feeling self conscious, or worrying. You were being your honest, straightforward self. “I don’t know,” I remember blurting. “I just do.”

Even now, I get that answer. I wasn’t lacking for specifics or searching for reasons, I just couldn’t try and culminate my feelings by giving you examples. It was bigger than that.

I promise to love you even when you track dirt across the recently swept floor, because I know you’ve been bettering the outside of our home. I will overlook the syrup you sip straight from the bottle

I will be in the same room as hockey, baseball, and football games and will limit my eye rolls for many more decades of hearing your favorite punchlines (I’m tired”, “Nice to meet you tired, I’m Nate.”)

I love you because you say things like, “Stay out of the hot sun” in the middle of December just to make your grandmother smile. You suffer through at least one selfie with me when you know it really matters. You take care of dead mice, force me to be independent enough to start a fire on my own, turn off the lights to appreciate thunder and lightning storms, and make sure my day starts with a hot shower followed by a warm car. Thank you for cutting, splitting, stacking, and bringing in firewood to start a fire, just to keep me warm. That seems like a lot of work. I love you because way back in 2007, just a month after we started dating, you gave me my first gift and it was a diamond bracelet and Nerds.

True love is surprising my co-workers and I with Blizzards at work, driving me when the roads are snowy, and making me laugh when I’m Grumpy McGrumpenheimer.

I hope you never grow out of goosing me as you walk by while I’m doing dishes.

I will admire, appreciate, and marvel when the alarm goes off at 2:30 AM on particularly cold nights so that you can get up to feed the fire.

Thank you for teaching me that flyfishing is much more beautiful and less boring than A River Runs Through It makes it seem.

You have taught me, both literally and figuratively, that life is about the journey, not the destination, and I can’t wait to ride next to one another for the rest of our lives. You are the most romantic, handsome, loving man I have ever met and I’m honored and blessed to be your wife.”

Music–Bill Adams Entertainment (Naples, ME)
Transportation–Sutton Limousine (North Conway, NH)
Flowers–Annie Laurie Miller (Intervale, NH) and she picked and arranged flowers from Sherman Farm (East Conway, NH)
Food-Sweeney Sensations (Jackson, NH)
Cake–Lori Pelkie (Lovell, ME)
Justice of the Peace–Christie Girouard (Center Conway, NH)
Hair–Megan Nelson of NVU (Bridgton, ME)



IMG_0141_HR IMG_0140_HR IMG_0137_HR IMG_0134_HR IMG_0132_HR IMG_0131_HR IMG_0129_HR IMG_0127_HR IMG_0125_HR IMG_0121_HR IMG_0120_HR IMG_0117_HR








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“When will I get my images?”

So I thought I would write a short and sweet lil post on why my job isn’t done the day of the wedding. Many people want their images asap, and I get it. I have a 45 day turn around, but I roughly get them to my clients with in 30 days, and I feel really proud of that!

At most weddings, (not all, and not at the wedding below) I say my good byes and family members ask me the question “When we will get the images”

SCREECHHH!!! Pump the breaks! I’m probably standing in front of you after 6-12 hours on my feet all sweaty, and not looking so hot. And I bet my facial reaction is priceless.. as Homer would say “Duoh” But I do answer politely the bride and groom will share their wedding album as soon as it becomes available. The whole ride home, or hotel stay I’m thinking the list of things to do.

After your wedding day I back up your images… then I go to sleep, usually dreaming of my favorite image of that day.

The next day is the long process is culling and organizing images, (also known as deleting the awkward photos) This process actually does take around 2-4 hours depending on the amount of images and hours spent at the wedding. I do go through with a fine tooth comb looking at images side by side.

I personally edit my own images. Don’t get me wrong I understand why photographers send their out to be edited, it is probably way more cost and time effective. Yet I’m a lady who strongly feels that you are paying for my services. Below is an image that didn’t take long to edit but you can see the drastic differences. The night of the wedding the pool looked so clean, yet when culling/organizing the images. I noticed all of the dirt and filters, which took away from the reflection of the couple (don’t worry I personally know this couple, and Beege would be cool with me sharing this) Additionally there were some candles that, and an electric meter (I’m taking a guess on that one) So I used the good ole clone tool in lightroom and bump up some shadows and a little vibrance then bammmm thank you mame.
Needless to say, I think it is worth the time and care :)
Happy Sunday Everyone, Now off to go to a family photo session!

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 2.45.58 PM_HR

dedicated to Cold Maine Winter


Mr. & Mrs. Kassa

You know when you meet people and you are instantly like “Hmm I like these guys, I want to be friends and do stuff with them!” That is how I feel about Kevin and Tonya! They are the sweetest couple that truly love each other. They met online and the rest is history. These guys love Portland Maine and support local vendors which was a really wonderful experience. The day started off with the men getting old school shaves at The Mens Room in Portland Maine, and the ladies getting their hair and makeup done at Bei Capelli . Their classy garden themed wedding was out on Peaks Island at Jones Landing. Harmon Barton did their bright colored flowers. Food was done by Black Tie catering. There was a boat load of yummy seafood treats! The wonderful, creative and spunky gals from Eventfull Planning did their decorating with Tonya’s vision close to heart, and music was performed by local celebs the Pete Kilpatrick Band. Thanks so much for a wonderful day you guys! Much love and joy to you both, and we better cross paths again!  If you like what you see, please “like” my page and tag your self in photos!

IMG_4125_HRIMG_4199_HR IMG_4183_HR IMG_4157_HR IMG_4153_HR IMG_4151_HR

IMG_9609_HRIMG_4231_HRIMG_4278_HR IMG_4257_HRIMG_9619_HR IMG_9618_HRIMG_4383_HR IMG_4303_HR IMG_4302_HR IMG_4287_HR IMG_4286_HRIMG_4414_HR IMG_4416_HR IMG_4424_HR IMG_4434_HR copy

IMG_0354_HRIMG_0352_HRIMG_0319_HRIMG_0314_HR copyIMG_0308_HRIMG_0257_HRIMG_0233_HRIMG_9680_HR IMG_9694_HRIMG_9957_HRIMG_9993_HRIMG_9716_HRIMG_9811_HR IMG_9808_HR IMG_9783_HR IMG_9770_HRIMG_9842_HR IMG_9826_HR IMG_9814_HR

IMG_0448_HRIMG_9857_HR IMG_9851_HRIMG_9873_HRIMG_4471_HR

IMG_9903_HRIMG_4389_HRIMG_4548_HR copyIMG_4617_HRIMG_9667_HR IMG_9664_HR IMG_9647_HRIMG_9921_HR IMG_9945_HR IMG_9939_HR IMG_9924_HRIMG_9997_HR IMG_4604_HR IMG_4574_HR IMG_4627_HR IMG_9898_HRIMG_9980_HR IMG_9977_HR IMG_9975_HRIMG_9951_HRIMG_9611_HRIMG_5032_HR IMG_4729_HR

IMG_0568_HR IMG_0521_HR IMG_0515_HR IMG_0506_HR IMG_0666_HR IMG_0630_HR IMG_4852-Edit_HR IMG_4755_HR IMG_4738_HR



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Becca Class of 2015

Becca is such a kind and vibrant young woman. She is soft spoken and passionate about music. Her goal after college is to focus on music specifically in concert music with her beloved flute. We had a wonderful time romping around Wolfe Neck Farm during sunset to capture some stunning images of this natural beauty! Congrats Becca! IMG_9285_HR IMG_9280-Edit_HR IMG_9278_HR IMG_9271_HR IMG_9268_HR IMG_9257_HR IMG_9250_HR IMG_9238_HR IMG_9233_HR IMG_9225_HR IMG_9220_HR IMG_9220_HR-2 IMG_9206_HR IMG_9184_HR IMG_9157_HR IMG_9149_HR

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August Family Give away!

The winners of our instagram free family photos session! How adorable is this family. This session is in memory of their daughter Payton who battled Spinal Muscular Atrophy. August is SMA awareness month. If you have a moment please educate your self, spread awareness and donate. This families love and strength is so heartfelt and touching.  IMG_1074_HR_HR IMG_1086_HR_HR IMG_1107_HR_HR IMG_1115_HR_HR IMG_1119_HR_HR IMG_1128_HR_HR IMG_1159_HR_HR IMG_1173_HR_HR IMG_1181_HR_HR IMG_1187_HR_HR IMG_1191_HR_HR IMG_1198_HR_HR IMG_1207_HR_HR IMG_1210_HR_HR IMG_1217_HR_HR IMG_1218_HR_HR IMG_1234_HR_HR IMG_1244_HR_HR


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Jenny and Mark

Jenny and Mark got hitched in the lovely Camden, Maine. They were surrounded by loved ones in a small intimate ceremony and reception. Their wedding reflected the love they share between each other and their amazing service dog. ( I was slightly obsessed with her) their reception was incredible personal, the arrows and scallop shells were chosen because of their engagement story. ” We embarked on an ancient pilgrimage across Northern Spain, known as the Camino De Santiago. Once a religious quest for healing and miracles, the Camino now attracts those seeking adventure, ancient Spanish culture, and spirituality. Through a rough winter of Mark’s final semester in graduate school while working in high school special education, and Jenny’s spinal surgery and busy practice, we decided we were long overdue for a dose of adventure with a touch of miracle thrown in.

We arrived in Barcelona exhausted, excited, and, um, nervous? Well… Jenny was excited, while Mark took care of the nervous part. He just wasn’t himself for the first two days which made Jenny wonder where her normally laid back boyfriend had disappeared to. We took the train to Leon, the city in Northern Spain where we would begin our Camino or “walk.”

All seemed normal as we hiked an easy 10 miles to a shady lunch spot where we enjoyed sandwiches from a local café bought that morning. Although normally sweet and sentimental, Mark seemed to be especially romantic as he started rambling very quickly. Sounding very much like his father, Otto, he began with, “Now we’re just talkin’ here.” He went on to say, “I was thinking–and everyone I’ve talked to agrees– (yes, he really said this), it seems fitting that the first day of our Spain Camino should also be the first day of the Camino that lasts the rest of our lives.” At this point Jenny responded in typical, blunt, East-Coast fashion, with, “Oh my God, what’s happening right now?” To which Mark responded by dropping down on one knee and asking Jenny to marry him.

We went on to enjoy eight more days of hiking before meeting up with some of our favorite people to share in our celebration, the Pennsylvania Fourniers. Dani, Jenny’s cousin and Maid of Honor, gladly started wedding planning while on the Camino. Jenny’s Uncle Mike, Aunt Monica, and cousins Scott and Danielle completed their journey in Santiago de Compestela alongside us, which marked the beginning of a new phase for our families together. We are thrilled to be inviting all of you to join in our lifelong Camino journey celebration next July.

To learn more about the Camino, and to share in the wedding theme, we highly recommend the movie, “The Way,” starring Martin Sheen. You will see signs of the Camino, traditionally marked with blue scallop shells and yellow arrows, throughout the wedding weekend and ceremony. Buen Camino!”

IMG_8144_HR_HR IMG_8141_HR_HR IMG_8138_HR_HR IMG_8163_HR_HR IMG_8160_HR_HR IMG_8159_HR_HR IMG_8155_HR_HR IMG_8150_HR_HRIMG_8288_HR_HRIMG_8230_HR_HR IMG_8224_HR_HR IMG_8223_HR_HR IMG_8211_HR_HR IMG_8208_HR_HR IMG_8205_HR_HR IMG_8201_HR_HR IMG_8200_HR_HR IMG_8195_HR_HR IMG_8185_HR_HR IMG_8180_HR_HRIMG_8243_HR_HR IMG_8249_HR_HR IMG_8276_HR_HR IMG_8274_HR_HR IMG_8273_HR_HR IMG_8271_HR_HR IMG_8268_HR_HR IMG_8265_HR_HR IMG_8258_HR_HRIMG_8303_HR_HR IMG_8299_HR_HR IMG_8295_HR_HR IMG_8290_HR_HR IMG_8287_HR_HR IMG_8280_HR_HR IMG_8277_HR_HRIMG_8175_HR_HR IMG_8174_HR_HR IMG_8172_HR_HR IMG_8171_HR_HR IMG_8169_HR_HR IMG_8168_HR_HR IMG_8166_HR_HR


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