Morgan & Bill

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Morgan and Bill are going to be tying the knot in October at Willow Springs Winery in Haverhill, MA,, but wanted to travel to Maine for their engagement pics at Wolfe Neck, in Freeport, ME.  They are a super sweet, easy going couple who had me hiking in knee high snow for her in the woods shot :) Morgan and Bill have been together for a very long time but recently engaged. I’m so excited for your wedding, thanks for spending the morning with me, hope you love your pictures.

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Milo Turns One!

I have had the pleasure of watching my best friend grow into an amazing mom and wife. Lou and Care have been blessed with being the parents to Milo. I can’t believe he is one! We had a cake smash session with this super chunk of love. Milo loves his parents dearly. He is super sweet, serious, goofy and a beast who can eat any of his peers under the table. We love you Milo can’t wait to see you grow this next year!


IMG_4154 IMG_4162 IMG_4173
IMG_4180 IMG_4185
IMG_4207 IMG_4214 IMG_4218 IMG_4223 IMG_4241 IMG_4246 IMG_4249 IMG_4252 IMG_4230 IMG_4264


Christmas 2014

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love having my little family to create new traditions. My son was so into it this year! Which made me so happy, which was the perfect balance for my nausea and last month pregnancy pains. Here are a few pics of the day. My only regret is no pics of him and I :( Next year it will only be pics of me and the kids :) The best part of the day was opening stockings just Geoff, Rourke and I in his room. And then Rourke running around the corner to see that Santa came, but first gave Geoff a big hug before playing. (proud momma moment). IMG_9448_HR His first handmade ornament! IMG_9435_HR

IMG_9454_HRIMG_9544_HR IMG_9533_HR

John Deer for daysIMG_9530_HRHis first Camera… like mommy IMG_9488_HR IMG_9499_HR IMG_9493_HR

hiding the cookie evidence IMG_9594_HRIMG_9482_HR

poor OliveIMG_9480_HR

my lovely dog Orca IMG_9467_HRIMG_9474_HR

Christmas walk, looking for SantaIMG_9462_HRended the night to watch the light show at LL. Bean, but he had to go see his “Sish” IMG_9527_HR IMG_9513_HR IMG_9504_HR IMG_9502_HRThank you lil man for making Christmas so much brighter!


2014 a year in review


2014 was a spectacular year! I got to meet new friends and capture old friends weddings all over New England, ME, NH, VT and MA. I photographed 13 weddings. Each wedding was a perfect reflection of each couples personalities which I adore. I’m also pretty proud I did 12 of these weddings pregnant and not skipping a beat. Cheers to you all and many thanks! Looking forward to watching your families grow. Also excited for new business endeavors such as our photo booth camper!  Looking forward to new experiences and meeting new people in 2015  (including my daughter) and excited to photograph not pregnant :)  IMG_0234IMG_1144IMG_1683-4IMG_0917IMG_0947-2 IMG_0931 IMG_0894IMG_0479IMG_0471IMG_0263IMG_0271IMG_0902_HR IMG_7254_HR IMG_0899_HRflower2flower IMG_7233_HR_HRIMG_7146_HR_HR IMG_7184_HR_HRIMG_6884_HR_HR IMG_6871_HR_HRIMG_6384 IMG_6418 IMG_6408yes IMG_6441IMG_6364 IMG_6356IMG_5790IMG_5721 IMG_5716IMG_5520-2 IMG_5507-2IMG_5466-2IMG_5436-2IMG_0493IMG_0604IMG_0471IMG_0100-2 IMG_0045-2IMG_5748IMG_6530_HRIMG_6327_HR IMG_6338_HR IMG_6318_HR IMG_6315_HRIMG_6300_HR IMG_6295_HR IMG_6284_HRIMG_6273_HRIMG_6250_HR IMG_6242_HR IMG_6245_HRIMG_6122_HRIMG_5964_HRIMG_5809_HRIMG_0950_HR IMG_0872_HR10628386_773194442742558_9120519735987171648_n 10628371_773194192742583_5855419076404234080_n10615323_773194079409261_905990684527346524_n 10613093_773191356076200_6836282614560606292_n 10612949_773191576076178_2893252118616868586_n10606394_773191896076146_3020066589206616072_n 10600644_773191569409512_3106580839860397365_n 10599590_773194019409267_9182287121421612794_n 10590683_773194259409243_7667529044768204476_n 10580268_773194526075883_397937201744073409_n10580129_767503886644947_8236809365317784018_n10559958_773191906076145_2794294293554895019_nIMG_5626_HRIMG_0265_HRIMG_0174_HRIMG_9609_HR IMG_4870_HR IMG_4125_HR IMG_0666_HR IMG_0630_HRIMG_0506_HR IMG_0448_HR IMG_0354_HRIMG_4604_HR IMG_9898_HR IMG_4627_HRIMG_4574_HRIMG_9945_HRIMG_9921_HR IMG_9903_HRIMG_9857_HRIMG_9664_HRIMG_8211_HR_HRIMG_8274_HR_HRIMG_8265_HR_HR IMG_8258_HR_HRIMG_8141_HR_HRIMG_7817_HR_HR_HRIMG_7777_HR_HR_HRIMG_7636_HR_HR_HRIMG_7459_HR_HR_HRIMG_2097_HR_HR_HRIMG_1488_HR_HR_HRIMG_3308_HR IMG_3313_HRIMG_8932_HRIMG_8793_HRIMG_8632_HRIMG_3726_HRIMG_3692_HRIMG_3696_HRIMG_3648_HRIMG_3427_HR copy10593018_778212698907399_562986416951920995_n10417550_778212475574088_9000540170152765664_n10649451_778212385574097_903215762986311970_nIMG_8453_HRIMG_3222_HRIMG_3159_HRIMG_3229_HRIMG_3164_HRIMG_8033_HRIMG_7643_HRIMG_7421_HRIMG_7352_HRIMG_2084_HRIMG_7277_HRIMG_7159_HR IMG_7148_HRIMG_1974_HRIMG_1959_HR_HR IMG_1948_HR IMG_1943_HRIMG_1939_HR IMG_1924_HR IMG_1922_HR IMG_1857_HRIMG_1768_HRIMG_1734_HRIMG_5483_HR IMG_5468_HRIMG_5232_HRIMG_4991_HRIMG_4962_HRIMG_0954_HR copyIMG_0500_HRIMG_0482_HRIMG_9634_HRIMG_9755_HRIMG_9469_HR IMG_9439_HR IMG_9429_HRIMG_4669_HRIMG_4696_HRIMG_4524_HRIMG_4372_HR


We have been itching to travel. Our last big trip was our amazing honeymoon in Morocco in 2011. But wonderful things in life happened, we bought our super fixer upper home and we had our amazing son! So we thought why don’t we travel to visit family in a known country to us, Ireland! Yes I’m 8 months pregnant and I’m one of those ladies who does look 8 months pregnant so there was no hiding it! I got cleared by my Dr.’s with some strict orders, which I did follow which made the flight much easier. I used compression socks, drank lots of water, kept my trusty Zophran by my side (yes I barf my whole pregnancy with both pregnancies) and to walk every hour. Happy to report I only got sick once on the plane to Ireland and once on the way back, but gracefully made it to the bathroom because we were seated right next to the bathrooms per my request! :) We traveled with the lovely Aer Lingus. Every flight attendant was wonderful and accommodating. Maybe its because we were traveling with our 20 month old. We decided to not buy him a seat, and used the infant lap belt. He loved the whole flight and experience. The Flight attendants told us he was a “Might kid” and he truly was! The flight attendants ended up giving us our own row and moving other people. We kept him busy with an iPad, (yes I believe in screen time on a flight) fun snacks, books and cars. He didn’t sleep though like I thought he would.

Our first stop was in Corofin, Ireland. We decided to try a few nights using airbnb and we were thrilled with our accommodations. I didn’t want to bombard my family with a huge pregnant lady and possibly a sleepy cranky kid. We stayed in a gate keepers cottage, which was super kid friendly they had a cot and high chair ready for us, SCORE! It was ideally located near the Cliffs of Moher, Doolin, Kilmaley, Ennis, and the Burren. Which is where our first stop was to visit family.

1IMG_3045_HRIMG_3061_HRIMG_3037_HRIMG_3026_HRIMG_3024_HR 2IMG_3067_HR

4 generations! Ciaran, Rourke and Uncle Mike.IMG_3069_HR

He has never fallen asleep in a high chair, but twice in Ireland! IMG_3075_HR

3 5x7 lay out 2 picsIMG_3095_HRIMG_3087_HRIMG_3110_HRIMG_3137_HRIMG_3114_HRLil Man had a hard time walking in the wind and was not happy about that!

IMG_3175_HR IMG_3171_HR IMG_3163_HR

We then explored more of Clare, and even got a special made Thanksgiving dinner from my wonderful aunt Mary. We arrived late due to the massive amounts of roundabouts but we made it.  We are so blessed to have such a thoughtful family. This was the day I took a nasty fall, straining my knee, with huge cuts and all, worst of all breaking my camera, yes breaking my camera. UGHHH worst nightmare. I’m happy I had a filter on my favorite and most used prime lens but  the focus is stuck from outside damage and my camera dial came off so I rigged it for the rest of the trip. I’m hoping Canon repair services will fix it, Stay tuned! On the positive side I wasn’t holding my son and I put my hands out to protect my lil lady bump.

10IMG_3257_HR11IMG_3613_HRIMG_3216_HRIMG_3617_HRIreland, knows how to celebrate Christmas, Galway had a lovely winter market that was filled with Christmas cheer!

IMG_3210_HR78IMG_3211_HRThen we were off to my favorite place in the world, County Kerry!!!!

IMG_3289_HR IMG_3296_HR IMG_3295_HR IMG_3293_HR IMG_3301_HRIMG_3497_HRIMG_3496_HR1312 IMG_3319_HR IMG_3307_HR

Rourke loved the sheep, Conall was trimming a horn of a sheep that it over grew into his jaw. Don’t worry he was helping. IMG_3337_HR IMG_3335_HR IMG_3327_HRIMG_3505_HR

We couldn’t afford to see the real “Santy”  but we found the next best one! The most touching thing happened Uncle Brendan, Aoileann and Monsignor Patrick Fenton are planting a tree in the Diseart (where I studied 2005) garden with a family plaque for my little family. So touching and tears of joy and family pride.IMG_3321_HR IMG_3320_HRIMG_3480_HR2021 IMG_3413_HR IMG_3391_HR IMG_3382_HR IMG_3380_HR IMG_3366_HRIMG_3417_HRIMG_3560_HRIMG_3543_HRIMG_3540_HRIMG_3528-Edit-3_HRIMG_3514_HRIMG_3510_HRIMG_3523_HR22IMG_3426_HR1716IMG_3439_HR 19181514

Till we meet again. Thank you for your love and support! We feel so blessed having you all in our life. I have always been fascinated by the family history and the thousands of years of history on Ireland. Your hospitality is refreshing and humbling, it makes me want to be a  better person, wife and mother. Can’t wait till  a little piece of Ireland comes to the states in October! A thousand Thanks, Conall, Aioleann, Brendan, Mike, Mary, Katie, Aine, Liam, little Conall, Ciaran and my new favorite irish lady Darnia.

Holiday Mini Session!

So it’s true I love my job! (well my second job!) I wanted to do a quick post on my first mini session. And plus the color of the images look way better on the blog vs. Facebook, as always!  I decided this year to give a holiday mini session a shot! It was a blast, and successful! It was freezing though and I forgot about the importance of restrooms at 30 weeks pregnant, Wolfe Neck Farm was a must in my book!  Every family was so wonderful to work with and all of the kids (esp. the boys) love this wonderful vintage Chevy pick up truck borrowed from my husbands friend. I can’t thank you enough Adam, you made a lot of families happy and excited. My  best friend Lily from Montgomery Flowers and Produce made a lovely wreath for the front of the truck from native Maine plantation! I’ve had a really rough pregnancy (actually both pregnancies) BUT this day made my heart full and excited for the holiday season! I’m going to soak this holiday season as the last one with my son and husband, since next year Rourke is going to have to share! Thank you everyone, and Happy Holidays, I will  now be raising my feet up for the remainder of my pregnancy day dreaming about our baby girl! (PS there is a pic of my son in this post! ) Families there will be a gallery up by today to access high quality prints, and easy to share with your family and friends. Email me to get the gallery password. Directions to view… <client < enter galleries <locate 2014 Holiday mini session.  IMG_1076_HR IMG_2712_HR IMG_2713_HRIMG_2721_HRIMG_2714_HR
IMG_1095_HR IMG_1107_HR IMG_1131_HR IMG_1156_HR IMG_1164_HR IMG_1185_HR IMG_1198_HR IMG_1217_HR IMG_1221_HR IMG_1236_HR IMG_1246_HR IMG_1249_HR IMG_1267_HR IMG_1291_HR IMG_1363_HR IMG_1366_HR IMG_1396_HR IMG_1452_HR IMG_1502_HR IMG_1550_HR IMG_1572_HR IMG_1583_HR IMG_1593_HR IMG_1599_HR IMG_1620_HR IMG_1642_HR IMG_1657_HR IMG_1676_HR IMG_1680_HR IMG_1681_HR IMG_1734_HR IMG_1757_HR IMG_1795_HR IMG_1825_HR IMG_1854_HR IMG_1862_HR IMG_1878_HR IMG_1900_HR IMG_1913_HR IMG_1931_HR IMG_1940_HR IMG_1956_HR IMG_1972_HR IMG_1978_HR IMG_2035_HR IMG_2038_HR IMG_2049_HR IMG_2053_HR IMG_2056_HR IMG_2061_HR IMG_2071_HR IMG_2089_HR IMG_2093_HR IMG_2131_HR IMG_2145_HR IMG_2164_HR IMG_2180_HR IMG_2235_HR IMG_2275_HR IMG_2395_HR IMG_2456_HR IMG_2470_HR IMG_2511_HR IMG_2538_HR IMG_2560_HR IMG_2574_HR IMG_2588_HR IMG_2622_HR IMG_2670_HR IMG_2686_HR IMG_2703_HR IMG_2765_HR IMG_2774_HR IMG_2822_HR IMG_2829_HR IMG_2879_HR IMG_3004_HRIMG_1960_HR

Adam and Diane


Diane and Adam are one of those couples with an genuine relationship and personality. I mean look at Diane’s huge smile, it is a photographers dream, to get that much joy and emotion in photos. They got married at The Merrill Farm House at Pineland  Adam’s talented mother made her wedding dress, and the flower girls and ring bearers.  This is a quaint little barn with lots of cows!!! The wedding was intimate, fun and heart felt. A special thanks to Becca  who assisted me. Thank you so much for letting me capture all of the joy of your special day. It was a great event to end the wedding season for me!IMG_4902_HRIMG_4921_HRIMG_4945_HRIMG_0668_HRIMG_4932_HRIMG_4925_HRIMG_4924_HRIMG_4953_HRIMG_4963_HRIMG_4962_HRIMG_4968_HRIMG_0614_HRIMG_0610_HRIMG_0606_HRIMG_0577_HRIMG_0580_HRIMG_0647_HRIMG_0638_HRIMG_0620_HRIMG_0567_HRIMG_0551_HRIMG_0505_HRIMG_0500_HRIMG_0496_HRIMG_5013_HRIMG_5006_HRIMG_4998_HRIMG_4991_HRIMG_0584_HRIMG_4910_HR IMG_4905_HRIMG_5034_HRIMG_5080_HRIMG_5064_HRIMG_5098_HRIMG_5106_HRIMG_5125_HRIMG_5114_HRIMG_5125_HRIMG_5216_HRIMG_5193_HRIMG_5190_HRIMG_5185_HRIMG_5174_HRIMG_5161_HRIMG_5158_HRIMG_5133_HRIMG_5185_HRIMG_5190_HRIMG_5216_HRIMG_5232_HRIMG_5241_HRIMG_5269_HRIMG_5340_HRIMG_5368_HRIMG_5342_HRIMG_0985_HRIMG_0979_HRIMG_0971_HRIMG_0957_HRIMG_0954_HR copyIMG_0940_HRIMG_0917_HRIMG_0926_HRIMG_0897_HR copyIMG_0890_HRIMG_0883_HRIMG_0838_HRIMG_0833_HRIMG_0817_HRIMG_0661_HRIMG_0660_HRIMG_0487_HRIMG_0486_HRIMG_0483_HRIMG_0482_HRIMG_6602_HRIMG_6559_HRIMG_5427_HRIMG_5468_HRIMG_5483_HRIMG_5495_HRIMG_5513_HRIMG_5507_HRIMG_5548_HRIMG_1181_HRIMG_1140_HRIMG_1269_HRIMG_5634_HRIMG_5624_HRIMG_1231_HRIMG_1206_HR

Kind Words

Being a photographer isn’t as easy as many people may think. I strongly feel that there are two important things to remember!  1.) You need to know your camera 2.) You need to be a flexible people person.  Honestly Erica was one of the most relaxed brides, she went with the flow, and most of all had trust in me. Esp. being an editor for a bridal magazine. It feels so great seeing kind words she expressed in NH Brides Magazine! Check out the post here….. Thank you Erica and Josh, we had a blast. The only thing I wish was different was that you snuck me in your suitcase for your honeymoon. Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 6.59.44 PM

Erica and Josh

Erica and Josh got hitched in Portland, Maine! Their wedding was truly unique and relaxed. Erica and Josh wanted to create a celebration that reflected their laid back and wonderful relationship with their closest family and friends. It truly was an awesome party. We started the day off with getting pampered at the Mensroom where the groomsmen got some newly cut do’s and the girls got glammed up at Salon Burke. Man those woman there know makeup and hair! I would highly recommend them!  We then scooted over to get on Erica’s custom dress with her mom and aunt. Then hurried back over for the ceremony and reception held at Port City Music Hall. Black Tie Catering had heavy apps for everyone and the music was insanely amazing because the popular 80’s band  in Portland; The Awesome, played the night away. This pregnant photographer had a blast taking pics with this wonderful couple. I hope you guys had a great time in Fiji, and thank you for letting me share your day with you! Enjoy!!! IMG_4228_HRIMG_4233_HR IMG_4372_HR IMG_4370_HR IMG_4350_HR IMG_4332_HR IMG_4318_HR IMG_4317_HR IMG_4307_HRIMG_4300_HRIMG_9107_HRIMG_9142_HR IMG_9125_HR IMG_9123_HRIMG_4409_HR IMG_4404_HR IMG_4401_HR IMG_4386_HR IMG_4379_HRIMG_9312_HRIMG_9290_HRIMG_9328_HR IMG_9394_HR IMG_9381_HR IMG_9370_HR IMG_9347_HR IMG_9343_HRIMG_9439_HR IMG_9469_HRIMG_6297_HRIMG_9255_HRIMG_4679_HRIMG_4676_HRIMG_4671_HRIMG_4668_HRIMG_4663_HRIMG_4656_HRIMG_4649_HRIMG_4645_HRIMG_4635_HRIMG_4631_HRIMG_4621_HRIMG_4533_HRIMG_4524_HRIMG_4518_HRIMG_4516_HRIMG_4509_HRIMG_4490_HRIMG_9519_HRIMG_9514_HRIMG_9512_HRIMG_4696_HRIMG_4693_HRIMG_4684_HRIMG_4702_HRIMG_4587_HRIMG_4718_HRIMG_4897_HRIMG_6340_HRIMG_6337_HRIMG_9608_HRIMG_9578_HRIMG_9556_HRIMG_9553_HRIMG_9551_HRIMG_4719_HRIMG_4892_HRIMG_4850_HRIMG_4843_HRIMG_4772_HRIMG_4740_HRIMG_4726_HRIMG_4721_HRIMG_9784_HRIMG_9755_HRIMG_9705_HRIMG_9705_HR-2IMG_9684_HRIMG_9654_HRIMG_9634_HRIMG_9619_HR

Grace and Sam

So if you don’t know the Montgomery and Heye Family and you live in Freeport, Maine… Well you are missing out. Grace is the youngest of the Montgomery girls. I met her through one of my best friends Lily (who is the middle Montgomery gal.) This family is so special to me and my family. I moved away from my supportive family and friends in New Hampshire when I turned 18, and the Montgomery family took me in under their protective wing when I was 20 just loving me as if I have always been with them. 10 years have past and my love for them has grown and I have seen such magical moments of these strong independent ladies. Lily is starting her own business; Montgomery Flowers and Produce. Their father Jack is an amazing man, (who married my husband and I) and he is also a wonderful/famous photographer (be sure to check out his work… here! . So needless to say I wanted to make him proud! Molly and Lucky moved from NYC and gave the world little Rosie. Deede (The girls mother) and Kathy (Sam’s mother) quit working in the public schools and started a magical place supporting local artisans, produce and flowers; Bessie Farm Goods! Grace is now an RN (where my son goes) and Sam is a very talented man of many trades, needless to say the butterfly effect happened from best friends (Kathy and Deede)  and formed an eternal bond between their children Sam and Grace. The day was amazing and perfect. They got married at the Heye residence, where everyone was so welcoming . It was wonderful to meet Sam’s father, oldest sister and brother (his youngest sister has babysat for my son) Everyone was so thrilled for this couple. Family, friends, loved ones, children, tears, laughter, rain, dancing, treats, pizza from the amazing; Fire and Company  filled the air. It was so comfortable even with a flash flood, everyone ran to the Heye’s home so no one would get zapped by lightning. As soon as the storm passed, kids were cleaning the dance floor, pushing tables back into place, so the wild rumpus would start. Im so happy to have shared this day with the Montgomery and Heye family. They are so lucky to officially be family members, hope everyone likes the images! Here are a few of my favs.


IMG_8510_HR IMG_8508_HR IMG_8507_HR IMG_8506_HRIMG_3306_HR IMG_3285_HR IMG_3274_HR IMG_3272_HRIMG_3365_HR copy IMG_3361_HR IMG_3349_HRIMG_3308_HRIMG_3337_HRIMG_3369_HRIMG_3352_HRIMG_8557_HRIMG_3313_HRIMG_8527_HRIMG_8531_HR IMG_8528_HR IMG_3318_HR

IMG_3325_HRIMG_3321_HRIMG_3320_HRIMG_3284_HRIMG_3385_HR IMG_8591_HRIMG_8597_HRIMG_8632_HRIMG_8655_HR
IMG_8757_HRIMG_8671_HRIMG_3372_HRIMG_8762_HRIMG_8790_HRIMG_8789_HRIMG_8793_HRIMG_8798_HRIMG_8800_HRIMG_8822_HRIMG_3511_HRIMG_3504_HRIMG_3503_HRIMG_3475_HRIMG_3455_HRIMG_3449_HRIMG_3435_HRIMG_3427_HR copyIMG_3423_HRIMG_3422_HRIMG_3414_HRIMG_3400_HRIMG_3532_HRIMG_3583_HRIMG_3577_HRIMG_3553_HRIMG_3550_HRIMG_3546_HRIMG_3585_HRIMG_3598_HRIMG_3596_HRIMG_3588_HRIMG_3601_HRIMG_3681-Edit_HRIMG_3648_HRIMG_3643_HRIMG_3637_HRIMG_3619_HRIMG_3610_HRIMG_3605_HRIMG_3686_HRIMG_3692_HRIMG_3689_HRIMG_3696_HRIMG_3702_HRIMG_3699_HRIMG_3244_HRIMG_3270_HR copy 2IMG_3259_HRIMG_3258_HRIMG_3254_HRIMG_3247_HRIMG_3246_HRIMG_3272_HR copyIMG_8485_HRIMG_8490_HRIMG_8487_HRIMG_3711_HRIMG_3774_HRIMG_8966_HRIMG_8950_HRIMG_8945_HRIMG_3745_HRIMG_8940_HRIMG_8936_HRIMG_8932_HRIMG_8920_HRIMG_8918_HRIMG_8903_HRIMG_8986_HRIMG_8973_HRIMG_9006_HRIMG_9060_HR copyIMG_9052_HRIMG_9049_HRIMG_9044_HRIMG_9034_HRIMG_9024_HRIMG_3814_HRIMG_3808_HRIMG_3811_HRIMG_3800_HRIMG_3796_HR copyIMG_3730_HRIMG_3726_HRIMG_3725_HR