Five Photo Shoots to do with Children


The Newborn Session:  There is something so special about a precious new born.  You may even want to contact a photographer to come into the hospital before you leave to capture those first intimate moments with you and your new bundle.


 The In-Home Session:  This is the place where both kids and their parents are most comfortable. In their natural environment, the smiles come more easily and heartwarming candid moments abound.
The Six-Month Session:  This is such a fun time to take the little one outdoors!  They may be strong enough to sit up on their own, and would love a special trip to your favorite spot or even at home to take photos.
The One-Year Session:  You can have a little fun with this one!  A baby’s first taste of delicious cake is usually their first birthday-why not let them loose in a diaper and let them smush the sweet stuff between their fingers!  It is such a great celebration, you can do this on the actual birthday, a studio or home photo session, or my favorite-somewhere fun and colorful like a local playground or fair!
The Big-Kid Session:  Don’t forget about your big kids!  Often, families focus on photographing kids when they are babies and toddlers and life gets busy as they get older.  Let’s capture those moments as they grow!  You’ll be so happy you did!
What moments are you glad you captured when your kids were young?  Which ones do you wish you had?  Let us know in the comments!
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Making a family official

I had the most incredible experience to witness an adoption of a lovely family, who happen to be best friends of ours for life.It was more of a formality since they have lived and been together for many years. I have been so fortunate to have watch this family grow, from pre dating days, to the dating days, to marriage, to pregnancy and adoption. It is crazy to me how fast time as gone by. Jody (the mom ) put it best. “Sometimes really tough times end in the best case scenario. Today is one of those happy endings, today my husband adopts my daughter and we all get to share the same last name. Raising another man’s daughter is not an easy thing to navigate and I’m so very grateful that these two have found their way as father and daughter. It takes a good man to raise another man’s child but it takes the best kind of man to love another man’s child like his own. Cheers to these two on Adoption Day!” We love you Cassie, you are going to do great things, I can’t believe how much you have turned into a young lady, I still look at you and see the silly two-year old making claims left and right. Now you are a poised young woman who brightens a room when you walk in. Jody you’ve done good raising here. And and cheers to you Mr. Ward for formally becoming a daddy to two wonderful human’s that I love so much, you always amaze me with how much you love you have for your lovely family (including me) and your tender hugs!   And who can forget Polly and John you have helped raised these incredible people, and I always love seeing you.

Congrats to you all.

IMG_6827_HRIMG_6833_HRIMG_6844_HR IMG_6855_HR IMG_6858_HR IMG_6868_HRIMG_6873_HR IMG_6881_HR IMG_6882_HR IMG_6893_HRIMG_6898_HRIMG_6910_HRIMG_6918_HRIMG_6919_HRIMG_6937_HRIMG_6942_HRIMG_6946_HRIMG_6948_HRIMG_6958_HRIMG_6975_HRIMG_6989_HRIMG_6990_HRIMG_7026_HRIMG_7007_HRIMG_7002_HRIMG_6996_HR

Ingrid & Anja

On February 10, 2015 one of my dear friends gave birth 1 day after me to her sweet, hairy and chubby cheeked daughter Anja. Ingrid was and is a huge support system for  me through out my rough pregnancy and it has been so amazing seeing her  turn into a wonderful mother.  Our little girls are 8 weeks old now and it is so amazing to watch them grow. I got to do a 7 week old photo shoot of Anja and Ingrid and of course we had to toss the ladies together for a few goofy shots.  Can’t wait for sleep overs and tea parties. We are lucky ladies, all four of us. IMG_5987-1IMG_6037-1IMG_6041-1IMG_6019-1IMG_6042-1IMG_6063-1IMG_6080-1IMG_6087-1IMG_6088-1IMG_6093-1IMG_6102-1IMG_6101-1IMG_6099-1IMG_6095-1IMG_6111-1IMG_6140-1IMG_6142-1IMG_6120-1IMG_6128-1

Happy First Birthday Mr. G

It felt like just a few weeks ago I got to capture some wonderful sunny and warm images of G.’s 6 month family photo session. I was shocked when his mother contacted me for his first birthday photos. All I could think and reflect was how fast the first year flies by.  There is a quote.. The days are long but the years are fast. I think that can sum up parent hood. Congrats Ashley and Ryan for making through the first and most precious year of parent hood. I’m so honored to have watched your son grow.  And Gavin welcome to toddler hood.


gavin 1IMG_4995-1 IMG_4947-1IMG_5038-1IMG_5089-1
IMG_9648-1 IMG_9701-1 IMG_9718-1 IMG_9762-1 IMG_9770-1

Morgan & Bill

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Morgan and Bill are going to be tying the knot in October at Willow Springs Winery in Haverhill, MA,, but wanted to travel to Maine for their engagement pics at Wolfe Neck, in Freeport, ME.  They are a super sweet, easy going couple who had me hiking in knee high snow for her in the woods shot :) Morgan and Bill have been together for a very long time but recently engaged. I’m so excited for your wedding, thanks for spending the morning with me, hope you love your pictures.

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Milo Turns One!

I have had the pleasure of watching my best friend grow into an amazing mom and wife. Lou and Care have been blessed with being the parents to Milo. I can’t believe he is one! We had a cake smash session with this super chunk of love. Milo loves his parents dearly. He is super sweet, serious, goofy and a beast who can eat any of his peers under the table. We love you Milo can’t wait to see you grow this next year!


IMG_4154 IMG_4162 IMG_4173
IMG_4180 IMG_4185
IMG_4207 IMG_4214 IMG_4218 IMG_4223 IMG_4241 IMG_4246 IMG_4249 IMG_4252 IMG_4230 IMG_4264


Christmas 2014

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love having my little family to create new traditions. My son was so into it this year! Which made me so happy, which was the perfect balance for my nausea and last month pregnancy pains. Here are a few pics of the day. My only regret is no pics of him and I :( Next year it will only be pics of me and the kids :) The best part of the day was opening stockings just Geoff, Rourke and I in his room. And then Rourke running around the corner to see that Santa came, but first gave Geoff a big hug before playing. (proud momma moment). IMG_9448_HR His first handmade ornament! IMG_9435_HR

IMG_9454_HRIMG_9544_HR IMG_9533_HR

John Deer for daysIMG_9530_HRHis first Camera… like mommy IMG_9488_HR IMG_9499_HR IMG_9493_HR

hiding the cookie evidence IMG_9594_HRIMG_9482_HR

poor OliveIMG_9480_HR

my lovely dog Orca IMG_9467_HRIMG_9474_HR

Christmas walk, looking for SantaIMG_9462_HRended the night to watch the light show at LL. Bean, but he had to go see his “Sish” IMG_9527_HR IMG_9513_HR IMG_9504_HR IMG_9502_HRThank you lil man for making Christmas so much brighter!